I hired David Kelley to refinish my hardwood floors and achieve a custom color on a difficult species…red oak. I’m typically a do-it-yourselfer on my home, and I’ve done several floor installs and refinishing. But this time I got in over my head, and David rescued me, big-time!Our floors were built in 1992 using red oak, but we wanted to refinish and modernize them using a neutral grey. The problem is that red oak has a notoriously pink undertone that is extremely difficult to hide with stain. I did my own color swatches with custom mixed stains and whitewashes, but I had to take it back down to the wood several time. Finally I realized that I needed someone with more expertise in doing a job like this.

That’s when I found David. He was extremely nice and accommodating of our color goals. He sanded and stained several swatches right on our floor. When we needed to adjust the color tone a little more, he did another more swatches.The end result is beautiful and achieved the desired look. My wife loves it, and that’s the most important thing. 😉 I highly recommend using David for your hardwood flooring installation, refinishing, and restoration projects. He’s a master craftsman.

Kevin Harper – Yelp