Residential Hardwood Flooring Installation

Accent Custom Hardwood Flooring specializes in residential hardwood flooring installation. We do new installs in either new homes or remodels. We work with all kinds of clients and tastes, from traditional to modern, and everything in between. Call us today for a quote on installing and finishing your hardwood floor to your specifications on species, color, and finish.

Refinishing & Restoration

A hand-crafted hardwood floor is like a piece of furniture. It is something to be appreciated and enjoyed, and restored when years of love and use take their toll. We are passionate about our craftsmanship, and put our heart and soul into bringing your older hardwood floor back to life. We select the right equipment for the job, and are not afraid of a little hard work to give your floor many more years of joy.

Custom Stain Colors

We have a large palette of colors and effects we can achieve. After more than 21 years of hardwood flooring craftsmanship, we know the right combination of sanding, buffing, staining, and finishing techniques to achieve your dream floor. We do beautiful dark stains, light stains, modern grays and whitewash stains, and more. We’ll even do test swatches right on your existing floor so you can see what various techniques will look like before committing to the whole floor.

Expert Dust Mitigation

We use our high-end equipment and 21 years of expertise with hardwood floor sanding to reduce dust residue. We can’t eliminate it altogether, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little dust there is once we’re finished. In the old days, sanding left layers and layers of dust. Not anymore.